If you have been following my creative business account you probably have already seen painted perfume, beauty products, candles, and champagne/wine bottles on there.  Bottle painting is an up-and-coming trendy yet timeless service of transforming the bottle into a customized cherished gift or even décor item.


When I think about luxury, it truly comes in so many forms, but is never limited to just the price point. To me it boils down to that very feeling of special. It is inherently different from machine manufactured options.

I’m probably going to sound like a total nerd, but I am in my “be yourself era” so there it goes; I love thinking about the way these objects were made, the whole journey they had to take to end up on our shelves.

Both champagne/wine making and perfume making require a deep understanding of all the ingredients, balance, appreciation of what came before and where it is going, as well as the art of evoking emotions.

I love perfume and I appreciate good champagne and have been curating a signature perfume collection for some time already as it is one of the many things that makes me feel good. Each perfume I have is tied with the memories, like that time I was basking in the sun in Greece while smelling like Byredo “Sundazed” or the winter holidays where we were able to see the northern lights with the naked eye, which will be forever associated with “By the fireplace”.

I don’t look at the bottles like they are containers, for me these are canvases for creative exploration and artistic expression. When I paint on them, this simple act of my painting elevates them beyond functional objects and becomes the bridge between the sensory experience the perfumer meant for while creating it and visual enhancement I am contributing with.   

When I decide to purchase something, it is most likely based how it makes me feel.  Aesthetics and functionality are the balance I seek and therefore I am so happy to be able to offer a service that marries these two.


I absolutely love working on commissions and at live events as the possibilities are endless, and the transformation the bottle undergoes makes me feel so much joy, especially when I see how the clients and customers react to that transformation of objects getting a wholesome personality.

It is fun, it is engaging and certainly not something a machine can do!

Imagine you are out shopping and stop by the store to check what they have. The store is buzzing, and as you approach closer, there it is, the artist at work, painting on an unusual canvas, the perfume bottle. Maybe you get curious, or intrigued, maybe you had a certain perfume in mind, or you check the few new scents, and the excitement of the live painting event slowly get to you and your mood is changing. People are getting into it too, picking a perfume, chatting with an artist and in 10-15 minutes walking away with a custom painted perfume. Your ordinary shopping trip has become so much more entertaining. You decide on the perfume, ask the artist if they can paint your favorite florals, and there it is! You are walking away from the shop and cannot stop smiling. Who would have thought that a simple shopping spree would turn into such a memorable experience. The live event painting not only added that special touch to your purchase, but also created a memorable and unique experience that would stay with you long after you left the store.

I offer this service for brand activations, PR events, marketing campaigns, private events such as weddings, birthdays, or bridal showers, as well as corporate functions. It can be done either at the client site or in my studio for commissions that come with more elaborate design requirements.

This is a versatile service and is done not only on different types of glass bottles, but also on boxes, packaging, and plastic. Going from ordinary to extraordinary is what I am here for and if you have an idea you need help with making it into reality contact me and let’s do it!

Until next time!

Much love, Izabel   

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